Laura Ling Laura Ling

Investigative journalist Laura Ling is bringing a brand new docuseries to E!, and it has nothing to do with famous starlets, fashion flops or Hollywood hookups. "Many people associate E! with celebrities and red carpet coverage, but I think the network is also a lens into new trends and fads," says Ling of Society X With Laura Ling (premiering Oct. 3, 10/9c), which explores a new topic each week.

"There are so many secret or unknown worlds, and we hope to take viewers into some of these places," Ling says. Some of those places include the abstinence movement, purity balls, the electronic dance music craze and even real-life vampires, but the premiere episode launches into the world of synthetic, designer drugs.

"We wanted to highlight worlds where pop-culture and underground subcultures intersect," says Ling, referring to recent mentions of hardcore drugs in the media — does Miley Cyrus' recent We Can't Stop ring a bell? "References to 'Molly,' which is perceived to be pure MDMA, are everywhere in our pop-culture," she adds. Other drugs explored in the season opener include bath salts, spice and hallucinogens, which Ling examines in users' homes and during an undercover ride-along at a suspected dealer's shop.

Check out this first look of the premiere: