When she's not busy playing a judge on Fox's Ally McBeal, Dyan Cannon can be found at home caring for a baby chimpanzee named Shu Shu.

Cannon, a longtime volunteer for California's Wildlife Waystation, occasionally takes six-and-a-half-month-old Shu Shu home with her in order to give the primate's caretakers a rest. By now, visitors to her Hollywood home are no longer surprised by the sight of Cannon bottle-feeding or changing the diapers of her furry friend.

"It's all worth it for the way she looks up at me," Cannon confesses to Good Housekeeping. "All these little guys want to do is cling, so it's no different from having a baby."

Motherhood is nothing new for Cannon: The 63-year-old star is the mother of actress Jennifer Grant, 34, whose father is late actor Cary Grant. Cannon also plays a mom in a new Lifetime movie, My Mother the Spy.

Besides helping to raise Shu Shu, pet-loving Cannon maintains a menagerie of furry creatures at her home. "I have my dogs and cats," she says. "They're what makes this house a home."