When he's not busy giving it his all for the cameras, Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman apparently likes to relax at home by letting out a little gas.

That's the word according to actor pal John Malkovich, who tells Playboy he witnessed the phenomenon first-hand. "At dinner, he'd occasionally fart while sitting at the table," he says. "When he farted, he'd waft it up to his face with his hands, then look over at me and say, 'It's my house.' "

Not that quirky Malkovich was put off by the display; in fact, he says he's quite amused by his gassy buddy. "He can make me laugh so hard sometimes," he says. "He has a fantastic sense of humor."

Malkovich, who worked with Hoffman on the 1985 TV-movie Death of a Salesman, also recalls the time he told the actor that he had landed the lead in Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun. Hoffman, who was fighting the flu at the time, suddenly came alive and demanded to know why he hadn't been offered the part.

"So I said, 'OK. Perhaps he finds you a little too Jewish,' " recalls Malkovich. "A few hours later he was up and had miraculously recovered, just because I'd told him he was too Jewish."