It didn't require a lot of teeth-pulling to get drag icon and Psycho Beach Party star Charles Busch to share love scenes with Dharma and Greg's Thomas Gibson. In fact, Busch says that getting intimate with the actor was a day at the beach.

"I have all these actress friends who say it's so awful when you have to play a love scene in a movie," he tells TV Guide Online. "They say it's humiliating and awful. [But] I thought, 'I'd like to try it. I'd like to be so humiliated.' And who better to share it with than Thomas Gibson?"

Busch explains that Gibson takes a walk on the wild side in the film, opening today. "At one point he's in a woman's corset," he points out, adding with a laugh, "For a heterosexual actor, he's played more gay roles. He's gotta cool it!"

Despite a recurring role on the HBO prison drama, Oz, Busch still remains a bit of an unknown to mainstream audiences. However, he had a few close calls, including one that would have cast him opposite Robert De Niro in the film Flawless. Speaking of which, he has a bone to pick with that film's director, Joel Schumacher.

"During the interview he said I was such a legend and he was kissing my ass saying 'I'd love for you to read for me,' " recalls Busch. "[But] I never heard from him again. [And then] when the movie came out, he did this interview where I guess he had to defend why he had a straight actor in a drag part. He said he saw actors such as Charles Busch and [noted drag performer] Lypsinka, but since it was a low-budget film, he didn't have time to teach them how to act. That wasn't very nice! Was that necessary to say?"

Busch might have the last laugh. His acclaimed play, The Tale of the Allergist's Wife, is coming to Broadway this fall starring Linda Lavin. "It's thrilling," he says. "I keep saying I've been discovered more times than North America."