Super Tuesday is poised to be yet another big victory for Donald Trump, whose presidential campaign is doing upsettingly well. And according to political advisor andThe Circus co-creator Mark McKinnon, Trump's unorthodoxy is exactly why the Republican candidate has found so much success.

"The campaigns that do well, generally speaking, are those that don't necessarily try and look backwards and rewrite a script that's already been done. They reinvent the process and do things differently," McKinnon tells "[Trump's] rewriting the rules completely."

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McKinnon notes that while the demise of Trump's campaign has been predicted several times, the KKK-approved billionaire could make it all the way to the November ballot. "I think he's got a reasonable chance - at least a 50-50 chance - of being the nominee," McKinnon says. "At the very least, he's going to go to the convention with a whole basket full of delegates and have a lot of power at the convention to give a speech, to rewrite the rules, to have a big impact.

"No matter what happens, Donald Trump has already had a huge impact on this race," McKinnon concludes.