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It's rare to see Bill O'Reilly play the even-keeled party in a debate about President Barack Obama, but he comes off downright fair and balanced in this clip from last night's episode of The O'Reilly Factor (that is, when he isn't commenting on "the Muslim problem").

In it (starting around 2:25 mark), "fairly" serious presidential hopeful Donald Trump continues banging his birther drum, while O'Reilly points out facts things like an impossible-to-forge birth announcement in a Honolulu newspaper.

Trump suggests if Obama's birth certificate exists, it may reveal that he is a Muslim, and O'Reilly responds: "You get a lot of attention raising the question, but I don't think you believe it."

In the words of Dionne Warwick on this season of The Celebrity Apprentice, he's got your number, hussy.

Watch Donald Trump releases birth certificate

Check out the Trump/O'Reilly discussion below: