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Donald Trump's attempt to illustrate the ease with which a U.S. citizen can obtain his or her birth certificate was trumped up.

A document released to Newsmax on Monday that Trump claimed was his birth certificate actually isn't. Instead, it appears to be a hospital form referred to as a "certificate of birth," according to the blog Politico. The difference: It's missing the New York City's Department of Health's seal and the city registrar's signature.

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The entrepreneur, who recently has been hinting at a presidential run, has aligned himself publicly with the so-called  "birther" movement of conservatives who question the validity of President Barack Obama's U.S. citizenship. Trump said it took him an hour to get his, and wondered aloud why President Obama hasn't produced his in the last four years.

In light of Trump's gaffe, the answer seems to fall somewhere between "Why should I have to?" and "Bureaucracy."

Do you think it's important for President Obama to produce his birth certificate?