We probably should be over this by now, but we're still intrigued by the mystery surrounding Shannen Doherty's digitally blurred face on last Wednesday's Beverly Hills, 90210: The Final Goodbye.

Watching the Fox retrospective was an eerie experience for 90210 fans, who saw a blurred image in the place of Doherty's head. Everyone knows the bratty actress caused some well-publicized turmoil on the 90210 set before leaving the show in 1994. But who knew she could still cause trouble years after she left?

Sources close to the show had told the Los Angeles Times that Doherty wanted an exorbitant fee to participate. Now, Doherty's publicist, Leslie Sloane, tells TV Guide Online that Doherty chose not to take part because of her heavy Charmed workload. "She couldn't do the special because she was directing the final episode of Charmed. She would have loved to have been part of everything, but she wasn't able to, therefore we just felt as a group that... why? To show a clip?"

Sloane insists that in this case, a picture ? even an out-of-focus one ? is not worth a thousand words. "This has been completely overblown," says Sloane. "It's a blur that has caused a stir, and there are better things going on. She didn't sign the release form ? end of story. That is the honest-to-God truth."