Cesar Millan, Barack Obama Cesar Millan, Barack Obama

As President-elect Barack Obama noted in his acceptance speech Tuesday, he and his family will be bringing a new puppy with them to the White House. The question is, what kind of pooch will become First Dog?

Cesar Millan, star of the National Geographic Channel's Dog Whisperer, has a few suggestions, according to People. "You could look for a rottweiler who is a medium level energy dog or a poodle who is a medium level energy dog," he said, stressing not to judge based on looks or breed, but to choose a dog whose energy level matches the household.

More importantly, however, Millan cautions Obama that his K-9 won't be impressed by his new owner. "The dog won't know he's Barack Obama and won the presidency," Millan says. "Dogs don't know if they live in Beverly Hills or the White House. They don't know what you do for a living."

Even so, Millan believes that Obama's skills as a politician will make him a great pet owner. "Animal leadership and human leadership go together," he says.