Lips. Yes, her lips.

As I took in a Wednesday screening of Jessica's new feature folly, Employee of the Month, I found myself positively transfixed by her large, plump, round and seemingly enhanced lips. And not in a good way, really.

Employee of the Month is a cute and sometimes clever comedy, starring Dane Cook - now my No. 1 pick to fill Chevy Chase's tennis shoes in any new Fletch film - and Dax Shepard as bitter rival workers at Super Club (a badly "disguised" Costco superstore). But when J-Simp, the shared object of their affections, is on the screen, all you see are yes, those, but also her lips.

I know there were reports in the celeb glossies months ago about Jessica possibly having had some "work" done on her pucker, and if true, it apparently was done mere seconds before she shot her scenes for EOTM.

I plead ignorance about all things collagen and Botox, but whatever JS might (or might not) have had done seems to have affected her line delivery, as words aren't so much spoken by her but slip out of her mouth. It's sad, because as phantasmically attractive and pneumatic as she is - qualities that EOTM's director and wardrobe designer both played up to the hilt - I would have liked to see her big-screen self be even more bubbly and irresistible from the inside.

But Dane Cook, aka the love child of Paul Rudd, Chevy Chase and Will Ferrell? He is Fletch, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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