Dick Wolf Dick Wolf

Dick Wolf, who even describes himself as the "least political person I've ever met," is taking issue with Congress over the government shut down.

"It was a terrible couple of weeks for the country as a whole," Wolf told reporters during an event for his NBC series Chicago Fire on Monday. "I mean how could people act this way? It's a completely manufactured scenario and everybody knew what was going to happen and now they kicked the can down the road again ... shame on all of them."

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For 16 days from Oct. 1 until Oct. 17, the U.S. Government was shut down most of Washington, D.C. and any government-funded areas, including national parks and zoos. That had no effect, however, on the entertainment industry, where Wolf currently has four shows in production, including a Chicago Fire spin-off Chicago PD, Cold Justice and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.