Criss Angel by Jemal Countess/ Criss Angel by Jemal Countess/

Saying that media interpretations of his Tuesday, apres-escape declaration of "love" for Cameron Diaz were "blown completely out of proportion," Criss Angel beseeched TV Guide to set the record straight. "I am a loving person. What do you want, I come from a Greek family!" he starts. "And Cameron is an amazing human being and, yes, I love her. I love my manager, I love the PAs that work for me. I always tell everybody I love them. The world needs more love. But the way it was interpreted was quite different."

"Cameron is a friend," he continues, "and I love her like that. I've always said, 'Look at her, she's one of the most beautiful young women in Hollywood.' And look at me - what the hell would she want to do with me outside of being my friend? But my life could end tomorrow, and I just want to let people know who are important to me and that have supported me that I love them. That's truly what I meant but yet it's taken out of context." - Reporting by Joseph Hudak