At the box office this weekend, Adrian Lyne's latest cautionary tale, Unfaithful, very well could squash Spider-Man — provided that sex indeed does sell. More than once, the frisky film, in which Richard Gere's wife Diane Lane says oui to an affair with French hunk Olivier Martinez, is sure to make audiences blush and squirm in their seats. "And this is the tame version," Lane says with a laugh. "This is the edited version."

To help prepare his stars for the explicit canoodling, Lyne convened a special sex summit at which he screened footage of his 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction. Particularly, the director showed Lane and Martinez the now-legendary scene in which Michael Douglas and Glenn Close shag on everything including the kitchen sink.

"He took us into his trailer and gave us a good talking-to — like children that were not going to get into college if we didn't pass the test," recalls the 37-year-old actress, best known for her more wholesome work in My Dog Skip and The Perfect Storm. "He was saying how important it is for the actors to trust him and go well beyond their comfort level. That's what he requires.

"I trusted Adrian completely," she adds. "[I told him], 'I'll give you everything on film, and then when you edit it together... [I] can see what I'm comfortable with. I'll trust you first and then you have to trust me later.' Fortunately, he chose wisely in the editing room. I was very comfortable with the end result. It was all appropriate to the story."

And what of the coitus that didn't make the cut? Might it someday end up on the DVD version? Jokes Lane: "I have the discs. They're burned already."