Danny DeVito didn't have time to think twice when Kevin Spacey called to offer him a co-starring role in the upcoming release

The Big Kahuna.

Spacey called his old pal on a Friday night to offer him a role in his first producing effort, and told him the part was tailor-made for him. DeVito, however, smelled something rotten.

"He starts telling me about [the role] and said, 'I'm going to send it to you tomorrow.' So I smell a rat," DeVito tells TV Guide Online. "I casually ask, 'When are you planning on shooting this movie?' And he said, 'Next Wednesday.' I said, 'Oh? This was a part that was written for me?' And then in his sweet Kevin Spacey voice he said, 'This was a part you were born to play!' I said, 'Next time I read a script for a lying bastard I'm going to send it your way.' "

DeVito forgave Spacey for the 11th-hour offer, cleared his schedule and arrived in New York on Monday for a costume fitting. DeVito, Spacey and Peter Facinelli shot the film in 16 days and DeVito tells us making the flick was one of the best experiences of his career. "It was terrific. Three actors who trusted each other and trusted the director (John Swanbeck). It was spectacular. Everybody in life has the quest of looking for the big kahuna. Who's the man or woman that you go to to get the job done?"

Sounds like Spacey found his kahuna. Now, about that "lying bastard" script....