It was as inevitable as Mrs. Huber's murder: Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has had informal talks with ABC about giving his monster hit a sister soap.

"The network has saved an area [on the schedule] for me when I'm ready to write it," he reveals. "[But] it's going to take me a couple of seasons before I have the energy/time."

At least the scribe's idea is ready to roll — he came up with the concept before

Housewives even premiered. "I knew another angle on telling the stories of the people in this neighborhood," the recent Golden Globe winner says, cryptically acknowledging that Housewives 2 would focus on a "segment of Wisteria Lane's population... but set somewhere else."

Like, maybe, a dorm? The most popular spin-off theory has Cherry sending one of Housewives' teens to college. But TV analyst Steve Sternberg of Magna Global USA believes "it makes more sense to do it with a main character. Once the show has been established as a hit, you can afford to lose one of [the female leads]."

What does ABC have to say about these Wives tales? "If Marc has a brilliant idea, we're going to be open to it," says Stephen McPherson, president of ABC Primetime Entertainment. "[But] it's a long way off." In other words, check back when things get desperate.