Polly Bergen, Desperate Housewives Polly Bergen, Desperate Housewives

Stella Wingfield, Lynette's deadbeat mom, lives to harass another day, it seems. Polly Bergen will reprise her guest-starring gig on Desperate Housewives for "at least two more episodes," sources close to the show tell TVGuide.com.

Last we saw Stella, Lynette was shipping her off to live — and share expenses — with her gay ex-husband. No word yet on how she'll re-enter the Scavo fold, but I'd put money on it not involving a gay ex-husband, but perhaps one of Lynette's kids, who have a knack for working their adult relatives against each other.

Plus, after Sunday's episode, cougar-sperminator Porter might be looking for a Fairview exit strategy soon, no? Stay tuned.