The Parent Trap was a big hit for Dennis Quaid but the actor's 7-year-old son,

Jack, has yet to see the popular 1998 family film.

"We just sort of missed it," Quaid confesses to TV Guide Online. "When it came out we were in Montana, and it was like 40 miles to town. It wasn't even playing there at the time."

Quaid says he and wife Meg Ryan do have a Blockbuster card but their son always seems more interested in renting titles like The Nutty Professor than any of Mom or Dad's flicks. Which is probably just as well for Quaid and Ryan, who've made a real effort at home to downplay their box-office drawing power.

"We make that part of our lives sort of matter-of-fact," says Quaid. "If it does come up ? you know, because sometimes his schoolmates will say 'Your mommy is Meg Ryan,' or he sees a magazine ? we just sort of tell him that, 'Well, look, this is what we do. People may know us or something like that, but it doesn't make us any more special.' "

Quaid, whose new movie, Frequency, opens Friday, says his own relationship with Jack helped him relate to the film's father/son themes. "I am basically trying to hold onto... trying to keep him the same age," he says of his relationship with Jack. "I'm trying to freeze him in time, actually, is what I am trying to do."