Former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff doesn't hold anything back in his assessment of Baywatch Hawaii! "They need to get their you know what together," he tells TV Guide Online.

"Even the lifeguards over in Hawaii were asking me, 'Hey, what happened to the show?' It's like it's all being done in slow motion. I think they're going to get a big wake-up call from all the bad publicity. When we left the show, everything was put in the hands of one person who forgot about the stories we used to tell. It was about more than beautiful guys and girls."

Ironically, Hasselhoff gives higher marks to Howard Stern's Baywatch spoof, Son of the Beach. "Howard ripped me off and I love it," he says. "We used to make the same kind of jokes about ourselves behind the scenes. I always said there could be big money in a spoof of what we were doing."

Would Hasselhoff do a guest shot on Son of the Beach? "Maybe," he says. "I think it could be fun." Howard, are you listening?

By the way, Hasselhoff isn't ruling out a return to Baywatch Hawaii. He says, "My wife, Pamela, and I got blown up together in a cliff-hanger in my last episode. Who knows? I might come back if they offer me enough money."

Securing work is hardly an issue for Hasselhoff, who's currently filming Overlay while his wife is at work on the Fox TV-movie Castlerock.