Dane Cook by John Shearer/ WireImage.com Dane Cook by John Shearer/ WireImage.com

[Editor's Note: It is April 1, so all of the following could turn out to be untrue. Carry on!]

Comedian Dane Cook has been voted the "unfunniest" comic by a Boston radio poll modeled after the NCAA's March Madness brackets.

Cook "won" over comedy punching bags like Paula Poundstone, Sinbad, Jeff Foxworthy and Carlos Mencia. The poll, which aired on WBCN's Toucher & Rich Show, is obviously not science. But was there any truth to the results? Cook is a wildly popular performer whose albums have cracked the Billboard Top 10 - a rarity for a comedy album. His rabid online audience floods both his website and MySpace page. Critics say he steals jokes. And his movie career ( Employee of the Month, Good Luck Chuck) - well, it hasn't exactly set the world on fire.

Nevertheless, I have to confess a weakness for his Car Alarm and Nothing Fights routines (warning: clips do contain a few naughty words), but I get why he can annoy.

What do you think? Does Cook deserve so much derision? - Mickey O'Connor