Mike Catherwood, Lacey Schwimmer Mike Catherwood, Lacey Schwimmer

"Psycho Mike" Catherwood may have gotten the lowest score — a 13 — on Dancing with the Stars this week, but he's not letting it bring him down. "I'm using it to kick up my focus a notch," he tells TVGuide.com. "I know I'm not going to be the world's best dancer, but I'll just use it for fuel this week in rehearsal and try to be a lot better and blow their socks off on Monday. I'm probably not capable of doing that, but it's a good way of keeping me motivated." Still, the Loveline radio host doesn't think he was the worst dancer of the night.

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How did you feel when you got your score?
Mike Catherwood:

I was obviously disappointed. I'm well aware that [dancing's] the thing I'm worst at and to get out there and do it in probably the most public forum is a personal victory. Even though I know I'm not a very good dancer, I still want to do well. Every time you do anything in life, you at least try for success. Getting the lowest score ... hurts your pride a little bit. How did you feel performing it?
I felt fine. Once you get past the overwhelming nature of the show, you just have fun with it. You have a full band and everything just seems so grandiose that it can take you away from what you're there to do, which is to have fun and dance and be crappy for entertainment's sake! But I can come away from it, saying this honestly to myself, that I don't think I was the worst dancer of the night. Just because you have the lowest score, that doesn't mean you were the worst dancer. Lacey [Schwimmer] has been doing this a long time and said: "Look, it's not about how great you dance because everybody knows you're not a great dancer. Most people watching at home are not professional dancers. They want to root for someone they like, so you have that going for you." That's what she thinks.

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Did she give you any more pep talks for next week, or are you just trying to move forward and forget about it?
Yeah, we're just trying to move on. Lacey doesn't think about it at all. I'm totally thinking about it. It almost angers me that they gave me that low a score, so I'll just use it as motivation. The rehearsals can get grueling. But also, our new dance, the jive, is a lot more suited to me as a person. It's fast-paced and energetic and I can mask my lack of posture and grace. It's going to be a jive-y jive like you've never seen before. Also — not that it's a bad song, but I'm not really into [our foxtrot song] Mike Posner's "Cooler Than Me," but I'm in love with the song I'm dancing to next week. I was pumped when I found out. It's a little more rockin' and I'm happy.Has posture been the hardest?
Yeah, learning the steps and to stay on rhythm is not that hard; it's being able to look like a dancer — holding the posture and presenting yourself in a graceful manner. I don't want to say it's impossible, but it's so foreign. It seems to me that no matter how hard I work at it, I'm not that guy. I was watching Mark [Ballas] and Chelsea [Kane] do their foxtrot and I'm looking at him like, "There will never be a point in my life where I can move that gracefully." I feel like if I quit my job today and devoted my life to becoming a violin player, I can become a classically trained violinist. But I feel like if I devoted the rest of my life to being a dancer, I still won't be a good dancer. I'm trying my best, but I don't really have any hopes of taking home the Mirrorball.You don't often hear that.
[Laughs] I'm a realist. I don't think it's impossible, but I also don't think it's probable. I have a greater chance of winning that than the Super Bowl, but it doesn't mean that I will. And for instance, Kirstie [Alley], she really wants this. She really wants to win this. And you can't fake that. You can't create that. I don't want to beat anyone. I don't have that competitive fuel to beat anyone when it comes to Dancing with the Stars. I want to do as best as I can for Lacey and for the people who were nice enough to ask me to join, but I'm doing this to have a good time and hopefully to make people at home laugh. Everybody brings something different to the broadcast. Hopefully I can provide something entertaining.

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Are you worried at all about being the least known person of the cast?
No. I don't want to go out of my way to act for the camera to gain popularity. I'm just going to be myself and hopefully that serves me well. If people like me, that's a big bonus.Well, you've got some awesome headbands. How many other colors do you have?
[Laughs] Most of them are gifts from my nieces and nephews. I only have three that I rotate through. They honestly buy those for me seeing how far they can go with stuff they can get Uncle Mike to wear. "There's no possibility he'll wear this." And sure enough, I'm at the red carpet for something with it on my head or on my wrist. We'll see if I can pop up with a few new kick-a-- headbands.