Maksim Chmerkovskiy Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a great week. Thanks for your votes!

We're hard at work on our dances and it's getting pretty crazy. Our team dance is very silly. I think after this, the production is going to be against giving us freestyle for a team dance. We're just doing some obscene stuff. It's just going to be funny and silly. It's all about putting smiles on people's faces.

We're all exhausted! For me, it's mental exhaustion because I'm trying to make it easier for Kirstie. For Kirstie, this is the part she forgot when she said yes to an All-Stars season. The positive side is that I do believe Kirstie is a good dancer. We need to find a way to do our thing according to our abilities that is competitive with everyone else who is left. Our limitation is not in the desire or the amount effort. God knows Kirstie is dedicated. She wakes up, dances, goes home, ices herself and goes to sleep. There's absolutely not a minute she spends doing anything else. Monday night, she allows herself a meal with friends. That's it. I cannot ask for anything more from here. I cannot complain about anything.

Our fans have our backs through thick and thin and we're trying to do our best for all of you. You guys put in all the effort to vote and we want to repay with an entertaining routine. Kirstie is devastatingly tired, literally, figuratively, metaphysically. But we're smiling and laughing. She's happy to be here, but she's exhausted. The way Kirstie put it was amazing. We had an interview that might be in our package. In case they don't include it, I'll tell you here. I asked her what she thought of the season so far. She said she thought about it and said it's as difficult as entering and committing to a marathon. When you've entered the marathon, you want to finish it. Now that you've committed, your goal is to finish and to also finish well. You start thinking, "Who are my competitors? If I can finish in top 3, let's try finish in first." The list of the other competitors become clear and it turns out it's the Olympic marathon team. These guys do marathons for a living. They're entering with time goals in mind. They're not questioning finishing, but how much faster they can go. That's Kirstie's comparison. We've entered a marathon and all the people left are professionals and Olympians. At the end of the day, we can only do our best.

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