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Hi everyone!

Hope you had a great week. Thanks for voting for us!

I think Kirstie did awesome. The jive is one of the hardest dances and one of her least favorites. She doesn't like the constant jumping, but she handled it very well. She embraced the things that she needed to embrace. The French thing was her idea and I think it worked. 

I have no idea why we had latex gloves in the rehearsal studio. I found a closet where we keep stuff like warmup gear and medicine balls. I thought we would have an elastic band, but we didn't. Instead, I found the gloves and pulled a MacGyver. I don't know why they're in there, but I'm convinced it has to with Derek. If I'm pointing fingers, I'm pointing them at Derek! All joking aside, the gloves really helped! You have to kick underneath you in the jive, so they helped Kirstie keep her knees in place. I tried the whole intimidation thing with the glove snap, but it didn't work with her! When they do it in the movies, it's fake. Kirstie just laughed at me. 

Next week, we have to recreate an iconic dance and the stars will be the creative directors. We're going to do the cha-cha to "Moves Like Jagger" modeled after Carson Kressley's routine. It was such a memorable performance and he was awesome. I really miss Carson. Although I love that Sabrina got the chance to dance again, I would have loved if Carson came back. Maybe we'll have him in rehearsal. It will be fun. Kirstie's excited to be in charge. Basically all I'll be doing is the choreography, but she'll have a lot of say in that too. I'm going to step back on the wardrobe and everything else. Normally, we go to wardrobe, she says what she wants, I pick the material that I think will suit the idea and wardrobe makes it. Then I usually look at the costume and give my opinion if it's good or if I want something changed. I will not get to do that this week. Kirstie will have the final say, so who knows what I'll be wearing Monday! Seriously though, the outfits will be Jagger-related. He's an iconic figure. I've never seen him live and Kirstie jokes that she was rocking out to his concerts while I was still in kindergarten. 

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