Alexandra Raisman and Mark Ballas Alexandra Raisman and Mark Ballas

It was a big Dancing with the Stars week for Aly Raisman. Not only did she make the final four, but she finally received her first perfect 30 of the season for her rumba. "It was amazing. I almost couldn't believe it," she tells "But I was more excited for Jacoby [Jones] and Karina [Smirnoff] when they got their 30l. So, I almost forgot that I got one too." Why was she so excited for him? And what do she and Mark Ballas have planned for the final? (Hint: It won't involve the Fierce Five.)

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Ingo [Rademacher] said some very nice and classy things about the four of you when he left. What do you think of his comments?
Ingo's amazing. He did say some really nice things, and I just love him and Kym [Johnson]. They're so sweet. My mom loves him because she's a huge fan of General Hospital. [Laughs] And [his son] Peanut — he's the cutest thing ever! We hang out and he's the best. But they'll still be here this week.

You should put Peanut in your freestyle.
Oh my God! Yes! That's such a good idea. [Laughs] I want to do that now. It'd be so funny.

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