It's been nearly two decades since Victoria Principal left Dallas behind, but dang if the 54-year-old stunner doesn't still sound like the only actress who could've possibly played the indomitable Pamela Ewing. Now the kind of businesswoman who'd turn even J.R. dollar-green with envy — her Principal Secret line of skin-care products is worth a pretty penny — she has resisted the temptation to revisit her old stomping ground via TV-movies, holding out instead for what she considers a proper reminiscence, this weekend's Dallas Reunion: Return to Southfork (Sunday at 9 pm/ET on CBS). Before shooting the breeze with her former castmates at the get-together, she took a moment to dish the dirt with TV Guide Online.
TV Guide Online: Is it true that you got your Dallas audition under false pretenses?
Victoria Principal:
I sent myself in for it! I had left acting to be an agent and was on my way to law school, but when a friend dropped off a Dallas script, I read it. When I finished, I knew my life had changed — that part was mine. So I called the [casting] person and said, 'I'm sending someone in.' She said, 'Who?' I said, 'Just put down my name. It will be a surprise.' And it certainly was a surprise — I showed up with me!