D-List is a different tone than her stand-up special, but it's equally outrageous. Her life is in constant motion and chaos, something I should have known when I spoke to
her recently. It's about time someone gave the self-proclaimed reality-TV addict her own reality show. Her family and friends are so charming from her adorable husband,

Matt, who wants gastric bypass surgery so badly that he wears weights to meet the requirements, to her sweetly devoted parents. She sort of touches on a new level of "reality" with her obsession with celebrity photographs and her desire to have her house remodeled for next to nothing. Wait, that's so normal. Who doesn't want free stuff? She's utterly relatable, down-to-earth and someone you'd want to hang out with, if only so she wouldn't make fun of you. Watching a few more hours of her life in upcoming weeks will be easy and actually enjoyable, as opposed to so many of the self-indulgent shows out there.