Curb Your Enthusiasm Y'know, Larry's got a point here: Not many people do drink grape juice. I'm thinking it's most likely because you keep thinking you could be having its lots-more-fun older brother: wine. And am I the only viewer who worries too much about the question of holding the newspaper-vending-machine door for the next person? It's unethical, so you risk having the guy think less of you for encouraging him to steal. But you might be thought of as uncool if you don't. So I just don't read the paper (it's no quandary that I'm completely uninformed about current events). But Cheryl observes that Jews sure do go through a lot of trouble for this Passover thing. Oh, tell me about it. One simply did not trifle with my mom at seder-prep time. Changing all the dishes in the house, the monumental cooking burden, never mind the bodily function problems we all faced from a matzo-heavy diet (my people know

exactly what I'm talking about). And this piece is getting too long for me to bring up my afikomen-finding inadequacy issues. Couldn't repeat that trauma in adulthood, so I did the only sensible thing: married outside the tribe. Anyway... wondering why I'm writing so much about myself and avoiding the episode? C'mon, what do you expect me to say about a story line that ends with a sex offender offering to give a little girl mouth to mouth? The only thing I can, of course: I laughed. Hard. And I'm going to have to find a way to live with that.