Eva LaRue and Leslie Bibb, <EM>CSI: Miami</EM> Eva LaRue and Leslie Bibb, CSI: Miami

Tonight's CSI: Miami (10 pm/ET, on CBS) should come with a warning: Don't believe your eyes — or anything else.

In the episode, a Trump-like busi­nessman (Eureka's Colin Ferguson) is murdered at a charity event hosted by his wife, Ashley (Crossing Jordan vet Leslie Bibb), who quickly becomes the main suspect. As the CSIs conduct their investigation, they realize that Ashley has a pair of very live skeletons in her closet: identical sisters even her husband didn't know about.

"Even I got confused," says Bibb, who plays triplets Ashley, Beth and Cayla. "I was like, 'Who am I today?' The first day of filming, I must have changed outfits at least 60 times."

A little on the sisters' backstory: They grew up short on money but not on dreams or schemes. Having hatched a plan for Ashley to marry a rich man and have a million-dollar baby, the ladies soon hit a snag. "Ashley's infer­tile," explains executive producer Ann Donahue, "so one of her sisters slips in, and her husband's none the wiser. Then the third one starts to think, 'Why should we wait for a divorce?' and kills him."

Open-and-shut case, right? Wrong. After Delko (Adam Rodriguez), who's still reeling from his brain injury, figures out the look-alike angle, Boa Vista (Eva LaRue) steps in to head up the interrogation of the trio. "You'll see that she's a really good CSI and doesn't get thrown," Donahue says. "We had a woman go in there on pur­pose because we thought if the guys went in, they could really get their heads turned around."

The investigators know one of the sisters is responsible for the murder, but with identical DNA, the triplets might outsmart the cops. "The sisters are wise enough to never leave finger­prints," Donahue says. "But at the end, we do something really interesting with the blood, and we're able to dif­ferentiate. But then there's another twist." Horatio (David Caruso, who was enjoying Super Bowl activities during much of the episode's filming on loca­tion in Miami) is involved in a second­ary plotline that brings more surprises.

"Everybody's lying to each other," says Bibb, who had never seen an episode of CSI: Miami before taking the role. "The whole episode is about trickery."

Adds Donahue, "For the CSIs, it's 'Do you trust the evidence or do you trust your eyes?'" This time around, maybe neither.

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