Eva LaRue Eva LaRue
Eva LaRue, who hasn't gotten out of the lab and into the action much as
CSI: Miami's Natalia Boa Vista, finally gets her chance to pack some heat and track a babynapping killer in Lifetime's

Cries in the Dark, premiering Sunday at 8 pm/ET. TVGuide.com spoke with LaRue about her TV-movie's horrific twist, and also got the scoop on the big changes Miami has for her outed lab mole.

TVGuide.com: Look at you doing a Lifetime movie about, of all things, a stolen baby. I don't think Lifetime ever does movies about stolen babies.
Eva LaRue: Never! I think I am the only and first one to do a stolen-baby movie for them.

TVGuide.com: I want you to tell me Cries in the Dark is not based on a true story, but I understand that things like this do happen.
LaRue: Kidnapping by C-section is real. Women are kidnapped and their babies are stolen right out of their bodies, which is just absolutely horrifying. So yeah, this is based on a true story, but the part where the sister (LaRue's character) was conveniently a homicide detective, that's made up.

TVGuide.com: Being a mom, is even just acting in something like this terribly unsettling?
LaRue: The fact that somebody could be so calculating and desperate for a child that they could cut open another person and... the reality of that is so gruesome, it's scary. And they almost never get away with it.

TVGuide.com: Yeah, I would think the suspect pool is limited to people with, like, medical skills.
LaRue: But that's not always the case. One case I heard about, this woman couldn't have children, so she kidnapped her pregnant neighbor, whom she had been watching. The thing is, you can't pull off the fact that this baby "came out of nowhere" for very long. Even if you go through the whole "faux pregnancy," there are too many holes in the story for a person to get away with it.

TVGuide.com: You get to kick a little bit of butt in this movie....
LaRue: Yeah, some tackling/wrasslin' kind of fun.

TVGuide.com: Certainly more than Natalia Boa Vista gets to do.
LaRue: Yeah, I'm in a white lab coat a lot. But you know what, this season I might get to do something fun because they're training me to be a full-time CSI. From Episode 1, I'm right away in training to be a real CSI. It's been a great second season for me.

TVGuide.com: Looking back on your first season with CSI: Miami, how do you think it went?
LaRue: It went well, but it made me very nervous. I kept thinking I was going to be fired, because I was barely on....

TVGuide.com: Did you suspect you would turn out to be the mole?
LaRue: I was really convinced I was, but then halfway through the season, when I started to get a bit more to do, I thought, "OK, I'm probably not the mole, because how would they bring me back next season if I was?" Then when I read the final episode... I spilled my coffee and ran to the phone and called my manager "I've just been fired! I'm the mole!" He was like, "OK, calm down. Maybe you're not fired." He called over to the show and they said that by making [Natalia] the mole, it helped undo the fact that she had been sort of written into the corner by being a cold-case expert. Making me the mole freed me up to be an actual CSI trainee.

TVGuide.com: What other changes can we expect this season?
LaRue: My abusive ex-husband [played by Silk Stalkings' Rob Estes] comes into the picture....

TVGuide.com: He's so going to end up dead, isn't he?
LaRue: I don't know. Maybe they originally had nefarious plans for him, but I don't know if that's going to happen now. They're really liking how sinister he's been. They're also doing more personal stories and backstories now, which keeps it so much more interesting for us, the actors, and for the writers. We love the story lines of how these criminals get caught and the science of it all, but at the same time we love the personal interactions because that's more for us to work with acting-wise.

TVGuide.com: What kind of TV does Eva LaRue like? Or does your daughter [Kaya, age 4] not let you near the television?
LaRue: Yeah, I watch a whole lot of The Fairly Oddparents and Jimmy Neutron and The Backyardigans.... But when I get control of the remote, I have to admit that my big guilty pleasure is Dancing with the Stars. And I love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, because I cry my eyeballs out. I also like Grey's Anatomy, but I might have to give that up because it's going up against [original] CSI.

TVGuide.com: Damn those network loyalties!
LaRue: [Laughs] Damn them!

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