CSI's Gary Dourdan courtesy Cliff Lipson/CBS CSI's Gary Dourdan courtesy Cliff Lipson/CBS

Taking a cinematic turn, CSI this week will rebroadcast "Cockroaches," an episode directed by William Friedkin that has a slew of slick techniques. And now we've got the inside word on exciting behind-the-scenes goings-on in this groundbreaking episode.

The CSI ep is Friedkin's first foray into directing for television, but that didn't stop him from employing some of his filmic style for the small screen. In one scene toward the end, when Warrick is hallucinating, Exorcist fans might recognize the use of flash-forward cuts with as-yet-unseen future events. Warrick is in a confused state of mind, and Friedkin uses his trademark technique to get us inside the character's head.

But Friedkin isn't the only unique element in the ep: In that same hallucination scene, the background music that comes up is courtesy Warrick's real-life persona, Gary Dourdan, who plays the song with his band, Kolade.

Even the setting in "Cockroaches" is the result of combined efforts and influences. The Pigalle Place Strip Club is actually an Elks club in San Fernando, California, which the show's set decorators strung up with neon signs and a marquee to give it that oh-so-seedy feel (but can you picture club meetings there?!). And the lighting for the final sex scene - which should steam up the screen - was meant to emulate the feel of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

As for the other surprises in the show (which may have to do with large urban insects, just a guess)? We're waiting to find out, too. - Anna Dimond

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