The X Factor panel The X Factor panel

Some observations from the final weekend of the TCA summer press tour, which included presentations from a confident (for good reason) Fox, its ever-adventurous cable cousin FX, the once-again-rebuilding ABC, and the annual salute to the best-of-the-best known as the TCA Awards.

First (in the demos, anyway) came Fox, which spent Friday reveling in the fact that it's taking the biggest swings of any broadcast network this fall. "I feel like we're sitting on a hot hand this year," crowed entertainment president Kevin Reilly, boldly predicting "success in every genre" and the "potential for breakout success in these genres." He's talking reality (the hype machine known as The X Factor), comedy (critical darling The New Girl) and drama (the mega-budget time-travel dino-mite family adventure Terra Nova).

He's probably not wrong. The X Factor (Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8/7c) already feels like an unstoppable freight train, although the press session had elements of a train wreck as Simon Cowell — piped in via satellite from what looked like the cabin of a luxury liner or yacht — dominated the panel like the Giant Head of Oz. He cajoled and needled his fellow judges Paula Abdul (loopy as ever, declaring it was "nice to be back in a demented relationship") and Nicole Scherzinger, who seemed to have devoted all of her energy into selecting her wardrobe. No matter. The scale of this singing competition is apparently as enormous as our appetite for these things, which shows little signs of abating.

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