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And by tragedy, we're not taking sides (or expressing too much schadenfreude) over Miami's climactic loss to Dallas in the NBA finals — although I'm sure ABC is weeping over being denied a seventh game to milk some more ratings juice out of this match-up. Before we discuss what went down on Game of Thrones, a few thoughts on a sparkling night of Broadway entertainment courtesy of the Tony Awards.

Once again, host extraordinaire Neil Patrick Harris brought the house down — albeit the uptown Beacon, since the mammoth Radio City was otherwise engaged — taking as his inspiration this year's much honored musical revivals: Anything Goes and How to Succeed. He succeeded by going anywhere and everywhere, with a hilarious spectacular of an opening number promising, "Broadway has never been broader. It's not just for gays anymore." (Long before the moment disco legend Martha Wash took the stage late in the show, singing "It's Raining Men" alongside the Priscilla cast, we knew better, but still.) Among the more memorable lyrics: "Put down your Playboy and go make a plan/To pick up a Playbill and feel like a man" and "Come in and be inspired, no sodomy required." He worked the glittery crowd like a pro ("Angela Lansbury, you're super hot. Those things real?") and even made light of poor Brooke Shields' colossal choke (she later got awkwardly bleeped during her presenter moment; not an auspicious omen for Broadway's soon-to-be Morticia Addams replacement). He even performed a costume change, wearing a garish purple outfit under his tux, then magically changing back after the final chorus.

A fitting stunt for a night where the two big musical winners, Sutton Foster and Norbert Leo Butz, profusely thanked their dressers.

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