Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo

Let's start with a little pop quiz from Tuesday's leg of the TCA press tour. Guess which network president summed up his programming philosophy this way — "The enemy of good television is boredom and predictability" — the head of The CW or the leader of Showtime?

If you guessed the latter, it really wasn't much of a guess, was it? Because few things are more predictable than a new CW fall programming slate, which hardly seems new at all: not with a Vampire Diaries spin-off on tap — The Originals, which could hardly be less original — and a remake of the British series The Tomorrow People that looks like any number of interchangeable CW shows about moody teens with superpowers (minus the ability to credibly emote). While CW president Mark Pedowitz discussed plans to introduce a possible Flash spin-off within Arrow this season, and to spin off the way-past-its-prime Supernatural with a show about hunters and monsters set in Chicago, you'd be forgiven for thinking the network's initials now stand for "Clone World."

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