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Let's cut to the must-see chase, which means jumping ahead to Sunday's big finales, starting with Showtime's Homeland, the series that topped my year-end Top 10 list (currently on display in TV Guide Magazine, soon to be posted, so stay tuned). Following last week's scorching episode, where Claire Danes earned her Emmy (and Golden Globes — but inexplicably not SAG) stripes with Carrie's meltdown after Brody's betrayal, the excellent first season wraps with an expanded 90-minute finale (10/9c). Brody is keeping his deadly secret close to the vest, in a manner of speaking, in anticipation of the vice president's big public announcement, while Carrie languishes in exile and depression, unable to convince anyone that the sky (or something) is about to fall. Where's it all heading? To a second season, thankfully, but not until our nerves are fully frayed.

An hour earlier, Dexter wraps a polarizing storyline some have loved and others have loathed (kind of depends how you feel about the big Doomsday reveal, among other factors). The sixth-season finale promises a major game changer, played out against the Miami police search for the Doomsday Killer, whose final apocalyptic act is scheduled to occur during a lunar eclipse. I figure after this many seasons — not to mention the book series, which I've mostly kept up with — I can handle anything the show throws at me, but please for the love of the Dark Passenger, no more amorous Deb-and-Dex dream sequences. That's Woody Allen creepy.

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