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A week from now, we won't be thanking Fox for ditching its Tuesday comedy lineup to make room for another displaced edition of The X Factor (which will be shifting its schedule back a day to avoid spoiling our Thanksgiving digestion with another results show). Tonight, though, there's much to be grateful for, as freshman charmer New Girl (9:01/8:01c) delivers an uproarious Thanksgiving episode that's going to be hard to beat this month. The guys would prefer to just enjoy what Schmidt calls a "dudes-giving" with nothing but football and beer on the menu, but Jess (Zooey Deschanel) has a way of taking them out of their comfort zone. And she's bringing someone for dinner (which of course she has no idea how to prepare): a seeming soulmate from school named Paul (Justin Long, as winningly awkward as he was back in the days of Ed), a music teacher toting his violin, which he'll play "only if you want to be enchanted," and a kazoo. He can also match Jess quirky song for song, prompting Nick to mutter, "OMG, there's two of them."

While Schmidt (Max Greenfield) hilariously gets his control freak on in the kitchen, everyone else adjusts to the new guy in their midst, some more easily than others. Long is a great addition to this winning ensemble, so it's good to know he'll be around for at least a few more episodes.

The hard-luck Chances are also celebrating Thanksgiving on Fox's irreverent Raising Hope (9:31/8:31c) and Burt is freaking out because his well-off parents — nicely played by Lee Majors and Shirley Jones (for anyone who may have dreamed of a Steve Austin-Shirley Partridge union) — have invited themselves for the holiday. Dad figures "it will be more like the original Thanksgiving: no heat and I'm sure some of the food will be donated." When the family tries to pretend they're better off than they are, moving into the palatial digs of one of Virginia's housekeeping clients, you know things will eventually backfire. But till then, we get to see Maw Maw adapt surprisingly quickly to the world of IM'ing.

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