Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz

"Sort of like an eclipse — it doesn't happen that often." That's Angela's wry take on the remarkable sight of "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel) crying copiously at a grisly crime scene, as Fox's Bones (9/8c) finally begins its seventh season, re-establishing itself as one of TV's more enjoyable procedurals. These aren't sympathy tears, of course, or sobs of horror — have you met Bones? — merely a flood of hormones, as she is now well along in her pregnancy. But she's still only making tentative steps toward commitment with baby-daddy Booth (David Boreanaz), who gets pretty testy himself when it comes to details like where exactly they're going to set up a nursery for their bundle of joy: his place, her place, or maybe an "our" place?

As usual, these emotional concerns upstage the crime-of-the-week, which involves a rotting corpse found in a paintball war zone. Upon examination — which includes an icky moment when beetles erupt from the brain, grossing everyone out but buggy Dr. Hodgins ("Come to papa, my little friends") — the victim is discovered to have suffered from retrograde amnesia, and finding out what she did during her fugue state may help solve the murder. It's good to have this show back on Thursdays.

Same goes for USA Network's breezy spy caper Burn Notice (10/9c), which is back to wrap its fifth season with six new episodes. The action picks up with Michael unhappily under the blackmailing thumb of the despicable Anson (Jere Burns), who we learned in the summer cliffhanger is the last remaining member of the organization that burned Michael. With our hero (Jeffrey Donovan) in line for a security upgrade at the CIA, the timing couldn't be worse for him to be played as a pawn. As Michael notes: "For a spy, the worst thing that can happen is to become someone else's asset." This week's mission, on Anson's orders, sends Michael and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) to Puerto Rico to steal — or, as Fiona puts it, "Think of it as sharing at gunpoint" — a computer-virus software program. Complications naturally ensue as we wait for Michael to figure out how to get the upper hand on his latest foe. When Anson brags, "There's no moves left on the chessboard," we're left wondering how long it will take before Michael can announce "checkmate."

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