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What is it with CBS sitcom stars and Saturday Night Live? First Melissa McCarthy wowed us with her fearless physical comedy earlier this fall, and this weekend Jason Segel delivered another of the season's most winning guest-host performances (with a strong assist from the Muppets). His gangly charms are on display in tonight's How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8/7c), as Marshall and Lily seriously consider moving to the Long Island home Lily inherited, especially now that their city apartment seems to be shrinking around them. But the real focus of the episode is on Barney and Ted, whose bromance escalates to the next level as they contemplate becoming "bro-parents" to get over their recent relationship woes. (Added bonus: You get to hear Neil Patrick Harris say, "Being gay would kick ass!" before Barney reverts to form.) Babies are on everyone's mind — Robin again accuses Lily of "pregnancy brain" for wanting to move to the 'burbs — and will be even more so after this episode.

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Bob Costas helped put NBC's low-rated Rock Center With Brian Williams newsmagazine on the map last week with his sensationally disturbing phone interview with Jerry Sandusky about the Penn State scandal. So it's no surprise the sportcaster is scheduled to return to the show tonight (10/9c) to discuss the latest developments. Also on the agenda: Harry Smith interviews Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (formerly of the Obama White House), and Brian Williams welcomes living legend Betty White to the studio.

Armchair voyagers are in for a savory treat, as Travel Channel expands Anthony Bourdain's portfolio with a pungently entertaining new series, The Layover (9/8c), which finds the outspoken "gastro-tourist" and star of the Emmy-winning No Reservations giving us a crash course in a city's culture and cuisine during a fast-paced stop on the way to someplace else. The premiere lands Bourdain in exotic Singapore for 30 hours, and it's no surprise he revels in the bounty of street foods that define the various neighborhoods of this ever-expanding city. "The worst thing that can happen to you is a mediocre meal," he declares, and Bourdain has all the local contacts to ensure that never happens. "I had an eye already today," he tells one of his companions as he sits for yet another meal, "stomach distended like a gaseous piñata," a reminder that we may not always share his culinary enthusiasms, but boy is he great company. Voracious and impatient — "I hate people who don't walk on escalators," he grumbles — he certainly makes the most of his limited time in Singapore. I'd follow him anywhere.

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