Question: There are crazy rumors going around that everyone in the Veronica Mars cast has been released from their contracts with the exception of Kristen Bell. Is there any truth to this?

Answer: Not a kernel. As I reported on Monday, no one has been released from his/her contract. And just to reiterate, there are three scenarios currently at play where VM is concerned:

1) Veronica Mars will be canceled (45 percent likelihood).
2) Veronica Mars will be renewed as is, with V still in college (10 percent likelihood).
3) Veronica Mars will be renewed with V in the FBI (45 percent likelihood).

BTW, I was blown away by the enormous response to my blog post last Friday, in which I shamelessly pitted Mars addicts against Gilmore worshippers in a battle to the death. I think the Mars crew has the edge, but there's still time the polls don't close for another week or so! (In addition to leaving a comment on my blog, you can also vote at Ausiello Central. The poll is in the far right-hand corner of the page.)