Craig Ferguson by Jeff Neira/CBS Craig Ferguson by Jeff Neira/CBS
Late Late Show viewers wondering why Craig Ferguson's opening monologue is now interrupted by an early commercial break need be perplexed no longer. A CBS rep tells the

New York Post the change is "a proactive response to an upcoming ratings system" that, come the new TV season, will measure how many people are actually watching commercials. Ferguson, who on Tuesday's show referred to it as an "experiment," has been "extremely agreeable" to the move, says CBS. Uh-huh. The thinking is that Late Late Show will gradually steer more ads toward the front of the show, when fewer people have dozed off more people are watching. As the Eye rep puts it, "We want to... see if the first commercial [break] works creatively and provides more value for our advertisers." Judging by viewer reaction to Ferguson's now crudely cleaved spiel, the answer to the first part there is a big no.