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Is Cougar Town the next Friends? Ian Gomez, who plays beleaguered husband Andy on the show, says the similarities don't end with Courteney Cox's involvement. "It's funny how Cougar Town started as a show about a woman dating a younger man, and now it's kind of turning into an ensemble show about a bunch of friends and their misadventures," Gomez tells "And Lisa [Kudrow] came on! [Friends] did very well and I would be very happy if ours is half as successful as that. I just hope I'm not Joey!" Gomez talked to us about his TV wife, played by Christa Miller, his real wife, Nia Vardalos, and his hopes for a Felicity reunion. Congratulations on the early renewal. How does it feel to know you're definitely coming back?
Ian Gomez:
Yeah, that's a first for me. It's just like, "Wow!" I was hoping it was going to come. I could understand them waiting, but we were doing pretty good, and it seemed like they were liking it. As a whole, that block of shows [on Wednesday night on ABC] was doing pretty good. I couldn't see why they wouldn't let us have another shot at it. We're having so much fun. Please let us stay!

Sheryl Crow coming to Cougar Town Andy is the long-suffering husband, but not in the typical sitcom way, since his wife, Ellie, takes some hits too. What makes them fit together?
: Opposites attract. He's a bit of the hen-pecked husband, but I love that there's another dynamic where it's a very sexy relationship. She's madly in love with him, and they have lots of sex! It seems fresh, which is what attracted me to the show. He wasn't just the schmucky neighbor-next-door you usually see. They also communicate. When they're pissed about something, they let the other one know. Christa and I didn't really have scenes together when we were on The Drew Carey Show, so it's great to work together now. Last week, the guys had a binge-drinking story line. Do you like that all of the supporting characters get equal play?
That's what Bill Lawrence and the showrunners wanted to do. They wanted to make it more ensemble-y and have characters interact... so we mix it up a lot. We see how we react to different people. It's more fun and interesting that way, not just for the viewers, but us too, getting to [shoot] with everyone. We actually went out in Culver City after shooting and had some cocktails [for the drinking scene]. I would love to see the outtakes! Season 1 extras — the unrated version!

Watch full episodes of Cougar Town What else is coming up for Andy?
Andy's breaking out of a rut and decides he's going to get a bike and ride it to work and try to be a little more macho — like Bobby. I have a motorcycle in real life, but I haven't ridden one in years. Everyone watched me get on this motorcycle and do circles, and it was like I needed training wheels. It was so embarrassing. I almost dropped the bike. It's not like this huge, monster Harley-Davidson; it's a little dirt bike almost. But by the end of the day, I got it down. Andy's man-crush on Bobby is well-known. What's the root of it?
They were close friends [when Bobby and Jules were married], and I think he misses his buddy who was always there. He's also kind of the man he wishes he was — athletic and outdoorsy, tall and blond, full head of hair. Women find him very attractive. It's ironic since Andy's the one married. I don't think it will ever go further than where it is now. I hope not! That might be jumping the shark. Is your wife, Nia Vardalos, ever going to drop by the show?
I think the writers are churning away at something. The only problem is if there's anything romantic, it's not going to be with me because I'm married on the show. Once again, she's going to be kissing some other guy! Maybe it'll be Bobby! They're coming up with ideas and are going through some stories right now. I was told it might be before the season's over.

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