Talk about a sweeps stunt. Some lucky Scrubs fans got the shock of their lives Thursday when, after reading my news item, they dialed 916-CALL-TUR and found themselves having a live conversation with the show's cast! "I just called Turk's digits and got a live person on the set," one TVGO reader told me via e-mail. "It was a writer, who then put me on with the woman who plays Dr. Cox's wife (Christa Miller)." Even TV Guide employees got in on the act. "We all just talked to Sarah Chalke, [series creator] Bill Lawrence and the guy who plays the janitor [Neil Flynn]," said Tess Forte, who works in TV Guide's ad-sales department. "It was so much fun — they told us to vote for Scrubs in the People's Choice Awards. I guess that's the point of the initiative." Have I mentioned lately how much I love this show?