The Tagi alliance proved too powerful for the lovable Colleen Haskell. Last night, the endearing college student — the final member of the lame Pagong tribe — became the latest casualty on CBS's Survivor. Potential Tagi traitor Kelly originally was targeted by her allies, but won immunity in a grueling three-hour balance beam challenge. On CBS's Early Show this morning, Haskell admitted that the Tagis "played the game three times better" than the Pagongs, adding "we didn't get it." She also set the record straight about her rumored island fling with fellow castaway Greg. "It would have been fun, but nothing happened," she insisted. "I wish something happened." Haskell confirmed that Playboy contacted her about posing nude, but she told Bryant Gumbel, "it's not my thing." According to preliminary data, last night's episode earned Survivor its highest ratings to date. In other Survivor news, series creator Mark Burnett's next TV venture, Destination Mir, will ship off 13 to 15 contestants to a Russian space camp with the winner being blasted off into outer space. According to USA Today, space officials will eliminate one contestant each week based on his/her performance. Burnett is shopping the project to the networks. Meanwhile, last week's Survivor loser, Gervase Peterson, will guest-star on UPN's The Hughleys this season.