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Fans aren't the only ones taking a side in the late-night wars. Celebrities from Rosie O'Donnell to Jerry Seinfeld are weighing in on the matter as well. Check out these 13 quotes in the Conan O'Brien vs. Jay Leno dispute.

1. Christina Applegate (via Twitter)
"Hey Conan, We support you! We love you! And we will go where you go!"

2. Harrison Ford
"He's getting the shaft, in a way. ... I mean, poor guy moved out to Los Angeles to do this show and moved his whole family out there. Put his kids in a new school. ... [Conan] is a good guy. But so is Jay Leno; I enjoy his company. And so is Dave Letterman. It's just a tough, tough world."

3. Ice-T (via Twitter)
"This Jay Leno shit is all f---ed up. They got my man Conan in the mix!! NOBODYS SAFE in the entertainment biz. I'm happy to have 25 yrs in!"

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4. Damon Lindelof (via Twitter)
"Conan is my hero. No. Not the Barbarian."

5. Marlee Matlin (via Twitter)
"Is Coco a no go? Say it isn't so!"

6. Alyssa Milano (via Twitter)
"Dear Conan, Good. For. You. We love you & can't wait to see what comes next for you. With support and love, Alyssa"

7. Rosie O'Donnell
"Five years ago, [Leno] was told that Conan was going to get the driver's seat. He had a lot of time to prepare to do something else, and if he felt he still had the goods, he should have been a man and went over to FOX and competed with him directly rather than put himself on at 10 o'clock and really ruin Conan's chances to begin with. I just think it is an incredibly selfish move and I am Team Conan."

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8. Patton Oswalt
"Comedians who don't like Jay Leno now — and I'm one of them — we're not like, 'Oh my God, Jay Leno sucks.' It's that we're so hurt and disappointed that one of the best comedians of our generation...willfully shut that switch off. ...You almost want to take [Leno] aside and ask him, 'Why do you want this so badly? Because you don't do anything with it.'"

9. Jerry Seinfeld
"I think [The Jay Leno Show] was the right idea at the wrong time, and it was not a bad idea."

10. Sarah Silverman
"Really? Six months? I mean give the guy a f---ing chance. ... He did so much for them at 12:30, but then again, I'm somebody that would probably be jazzed to stay at 12:30. I like being able to do whatever I want to do. They all want that coveted 11:30."

11. Howard Stern
"It's finally dawned on Conan that Jay Leno had it in for him the whole time. Crapped all over him. ... [Leno] is an evil devil. He's a horrible, horrible guy. I've told you this for years. ... And everybody hates Jay now — which is great. I'm all for hating Jay."

12. Ben Stiller (via Twitter)

13. Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy creator)
"Clearly, you've been screwed, [Conan]. And the abuse played out in public. It was painful for us, I can't imagine how awful it was for you and your family....but I want you to know that you have an open invitation on my show, Sons of Anarchy. We have an IRA story line that will continue to play out this coming season and I could use a bad-ass O'Brien on my team."

Are you on Team Conan or Team Leno?