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With the Greendale Seven entering senior year, the future of the study group is as ambiguous as Dean Pelton's sexuality. In fact, even the Community cast can't agree regarding the gang's future!

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"I feel like some people have to graduate," Yvette Nicole Brown

told "Somebody's studying. Out of seven people, there has to be somebody cracking a book ... My money's on either Shirley or Annie."

Chevy Chase, however, had a different outlook. "None of them have done any work," Chase said. "This is now the furthest away from a community college that you can get." And Joel McHale seemed to agree. "How many friends do you have who've graduated from community college?" he deadpanned.

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But no matter the academic future of the group, Brown is confident that Community can continue on just the same. "If we did ever move outside of this Greendale campus, I believe Greendale the city is probably just as wacky and everyone that goes to Greendale probably lives in Greendale the city so we'd still see Leonard, we'd still see Vicki and Fat Neil."But if the looming graduation is the least of your concerns in the wake of creator Dan Harmon's departure, Brown has some comforting words for you too. "Any fan that who's nervous or worried; imagine if they gave you the reins of the show, how would you keep the legacy alive. And so that's the same mindset that [new showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio] have."

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"We're in good hands ... and it feels the same to us. And if it feels the same to us, I think it'll feel the same to the fans. So just take the ride."Get more scoop from the Community cast, including Danny Pudi, decked out in their Valloween best in our set visit video below: