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Why is Joel McHale naked on the wholesome family sitcom Community?

Jeff Winger (McHale) enrolls in a billiards class, for which the crusty old instructor requires his students to wear polyester T-shirts and short-shorts when they shoot stick, as it's a physical education course. When Jeff protests the uniform, the instructor challenges him to a shoot-off, which devolves into a bizarre game of one-upmanship that ends with the two men in the altogether.

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 "When I heard I was going to be naked, I was like, OK, I'm going to starve myself and start doing some pushups as I better not embarrass myself," McHale told at the Paley Festival event on Wednesday. "I stopped eating sugar and bread and pretty much everything so I could squeeze into the nudie underwear they gave me. You'll see that I'm so active while I'm naked, playing pool. There's bending over, there's legs coming up and it's really awesome."

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"It was traumatizing," said Gillian Jacobs, on seeing McHale naked. "When you watch the episode, you see that my eyes are toward the heavens for a lot of it."

"Physical Education" airs Thursday at 8/7c on NBC.

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