Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert's shamelessness is out of this world.

Though he was unable to get his fake presidential campaign up and running, The Colbert Report host is now encouraging fans to write in his name for NASA's online vote to name a new addition to the international space station, according to The Associated Press.

As of Tuesday, Colbert — who already has an ice cream flavor, a Hungarian bridge and an eagle named after him — leads the public poll with 115,000 votes. His closest competition is Serenity, one of the NASA-suggested names, which has just under 100,000 votes. More than 451,000 votes have been cast, and the poll closes March 20.

NASA will have the last laugh, however. The contest rules say voting results aren't binding, allowing NASA "the right to ultimately select a name" as the agency sees fit. Some of NASA's other suggestions include Legacy, Venture, and Earthrise, all of which are more in keeping with the space station's other rooms: Unity, Harmony and Destiny.

If he wins, this would be Colbert's second foray into space. Last year, he had his DNA shipped into the stratosphere in a time capsule in connection with a video game release.

The room being added to the space station will be delivered near the end of the year. One of its features? A machine that will turn astronauts' urine to drinking water. We can hear Colbert's cracks now.