File this one under Last Week's News: My Take, as this story broke while I was on vacay yet merits discussion. The annual "clutter report" issued by MindShare finds that among the Big Four, ABC litters its typical hour with the most nonprogram content - 15 minutes and 38 seconds' worth, a 12-second increase from its previous average. NBC came in second with 14:58, followed by Fox (14:40) and CBS (a lean, mean 13:51).

I surfed around and couldn't find the CW's overall average, but as far as specific programs go, Supernatural is a most dubious No. 1 (tied with What About Brian) among all network offerings, ceding a full 17:50 of each hour to ads and in-house promos. In other words, nearly 30 percent of each Supe' hour has nothing to do with those Winchester boys. Who's the real demon now?

Rounding out the "top" five cluttered programs were All of Us (17:40 per hour's worth), Housewives (17:35) and The War at Home (17:30/not nearly enough).