Clay Aiken and Tyra Banks Clay Aiken and Tyra Banks

Clay Aiken endured his fair share of scrutiny during his American Idol days, but the tables are turning as the singer puts on his best judging face for an upcoming episode of America's Next Top Model.

"It was kind of surreal to do a show that's a competition but be on the other side of the judge's table," Aiken told at the GLAAD Media Awards.

Aiken will put in an appearance on Wednesday's episode of the CW's Top Model, serving as an acting coach during a teaching challenge and joining as the guest judge during panel. "[Clay] has a lot to offer as a performer and in terms of guiding and mentoring girls to bring out their personality and charisma," said Top Model's Jay Manuel.

Considering Aiken's first-hand experience with the sass of one Simon Cowell, the new dad hoped to bring something a bit more kindhearted to the judging table. "I have a lot more compassion for the contestants since I've been [in that situation]," said Aiken. "It breaks my heart for anyone that has to be cut or put in that position of scrutiny, so I try to be nicer."

So basically, Aiken will play the role of Paula, except come off as slightly more lucid.

Top Model and Idol fans, are you interested to see Aiken play judge?