Cindy Barshop Cindy Barshop

Downtown denizen Cindy Barshop — single mom of twins and owner of the Completely Bare spa empire — is the latest addition to the Big Apple brigade, and she is so keeping it Real.

TV Guide Magazine: You have two baby girls and a business. Why add TV to your workload?
Barshop: I'd just given birth and I am the type who always likes changes. So I think it was a little bit of "baby brain," and a little bit that I enjoy new opportunities.

TV Guide Magazine: Who did you click with?
Barshop: I stayed with my brunette tribe. I immediately clicked with Jill, and I get Kelly. [Laughs] Her whole quirkiness and fun... She's like "granola" good.

TV Guide Magazine: What kind of drama did you get caught up in?
Barshop: A lot. I thought I wasn't gonna have any drama, so I guess Bravo's brilliant because when they mix these girls together — there's a lot going on. Morocco is where most of the separation happens.

TV Guide Magazine: Is there a moment where fans will be like, "We love Cindy"?
Barshop: I think it's when I finally stand up to somebody who nobody usually does.

TV Guide Magazine: How do you think your girls will feel when they're old enough to see you on the show?
Barshop: I think they're going to be proud of me. On reality shows, nobody [looks] perfect. But I think they portray you for how you are. At least, I hope it comes off that way!

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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