WWF wrestler Chyna is about to show a lot more than her famous muscles in a spread for Playboy magazine.

The 6-foot-tall, 200-pound bodybuilder took it all off last weekend for a photo shoot that will appear in the November issue of the men's magazine. The Amazonian Chyna ? who's also appeared as a guest star on 3rd Rock From the Sun and several other TV shows ? tells the WWF's web site that she's "very excited" and "very proud" to bare all for the Playboy camera.

"I think it's really ironic that a woman like me, who has promoted power and muscularity and sexuality all together, would then end up on the cover of the premiere men's magazine," she says. "I think it's a wonderful message. I've been working on my body for years and years and years, and to me it's sculpture and I want to show it."

It probably also won't hurt sales for Chyna's upcoming fitness video and autobiography, due out in stores this fall. The last WWF personality to strip for Playboy, Sable, enjoyed a sea of publicity after revealing all in the magazine.

"I think it's really new-millennium and it's very now and it gives people a chance to see something different," says Chyna. "Basically, the truth is I wanna get naked!"