Yvonne Strahovski Yvonne Strahovski

Chuck fans, you are cordially invited to partake in the Snakes of Toluca Lake. Please bring your own $20 bills.

Before Chuck and Sarah can say "I do," it's time for one last hurrah with respective bachelor and bachelorette parties on Monday's Chuck (8/7c on NBC). As the future sister-in-law, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) will plan a luncheon-turned-stripfest for Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), while Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) will head up less raunchy festivities for Chuck (Zachary Levi).

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"I will say that the girls do it better than the guys," Lancaster tells reporters on the set in mid-April. "I think the Hollywood Men were actually the strippers that day, but we called them the Snakes of Toluca Lake. Yvonne was so mortified to have these strippers around her, and I, like a good co-star, was just crying on the sidelines, like cracking up so hard."

Sadly, the Cat Squad doesn't make it to the party, so Ellie has to make do by inviting some of her doctor friends. Having company around still didn't help Strahovski, who received the full, up-close impact of the dancers.

"I had zero support that day from anybody on set," Strahovski says. "Oh my gosh, it was me on a chair with these four dudes, but my head was level with their genitals. It was horrifying! I did create a 10-inch rule that one particular fellow did not abide by. How do I say this?  He felt the need for contact on the shoulder."

Shoulder? Not to hear McPartlin tell it. "I think one of the guys actually brushed up against the side of her head with an inappropriate body part," he says. "So yeah, it was more exciting for them. Or maybe not. Maybe gross is the word."

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On the groom's side, Captain Awesome has his own idea of how a man should spend his last days single. "Las Vegas is where we think we're going to, but we end up going to Las Vecas," McPartlin explains. "It's a campground that Awesome would like to take them to, like more or less Deliverance, but not like the scary part of it. Nothing on Chuck goes as planned, and a bunch of bad guys show up, so it's a good thing we had Agent Casey (Adam Baldwin) along with us."

"Casey brings weapons, as always," Baldwin confirms. "There's target practice."

"And some spears being whittled," chimes in Joshua Gomez, who plays Chuck's best friend Morgan. "Your standard bachelor party, you know."

Buy More employees Jeff, Lester and Big Mike (Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay and Mark Christopher Lawrence) also come along for the ride, which in this case, is a Hummer limo that was examined thoroughly with a black light for extraneous bodily fluids.

"And it did not pass, by the way, shockingly," says Gomez.

The Hummer limo did, however, come equipped with a pole should the men feel left out of the stripdance hijinks. "But I think it was a load-bearing pole," Baldwin says.

Chuck airs Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.